"Det finns ingen natur här."

Translation:There is no natural scenery here.

March 4, 2015

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It would be more #natural# to translate as...there is nothing natural here.


Or change the word 'nature' perhaps? It's the use of the word 'nature' here, it's really strange. English speakers would normally say something else.


Horribly late but I've changed this sentence now so that it better reflects what the Swedish sentence means. The new default translation is "There is no natural scenery here", and a few other variations are also accepted now.


In English one would be able to say There is no nature here to indicate that it is an unnatural or synthetic environment.


Thanks for the input, Matt. Yes, though based on feedback on the course, natives appear to have vastly different opinions on whether that is a reasonably interpretation or not.


T-that's a strange sentence... does it refer to metropolises and such?


Yes, probably to a concrete-laden cityscape.


Maybe they're talking about Mars or Jupiter


Mars or Jupiter are more natural than a concrete jungle. Although one does say that since we're natural, everything we do also is. A spider's web is natural. A plane is natural.


I would strongly disagree with this statement. A spider web does not change the entire ecosystem that it inhabits, whereas the buildings and inventions of humans displaces and changes the ecosystem of hundreds of different species. A natural world is one where the species of that ecosystem are existing in a symbiotic environment, and the cities that humans build are most definitely not.


If you visit any of the stately homes of England, you will see it is surrounded by grass, and trees, and a lake or two. They look natural but they were put there by such people as Capability Brown.

You might be in a film studio. That grass is made from plastic. Those trees are made of plaster.


It would be much more sensible to translate to there is no nature here! how "natur" is translated to natural scenery, I can't get..


I translated it as Natural beauty which was marked wrong although to me it seems pretty synonymous with natural scenery. I suppose maybe beauty is too value specific, although its hard to imagine talking about natural scenery without meaning to be aesthetically positive .

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Why det finns and not det är? Natur is singular, isn't it?


Right, but är/finns has nothing to do with number. You use finns mostly for something that's of a somewhat permanent nature, so nature fits that bill well. That said, there's a lot of overlap between är and finns, and natives will not always agree exactly on the difference.


There is nothing natural here. Why is this not accepted?


Natural scenery? Really? This sentence was obviously not constructed by a "natural" English speaking person.

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