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  5. "Det finns ingen natur här."

"Det finns ingen natur här."

Translation:There is no natural scenery here.

March 4, 2015



It would be more #natural# to translate as...there is nothing natural here.


Or change the word 'nature' perhaps? It's the use of the word 'nature' here, it's really strange. English speakers would normally say something else.


T-that's a strange sentence... does it refer to metropolises and such?


Yes, probably to a concrete-laden cityscape.


Maybe they're talking about Mars or Jupiter


Mars or Jupiter are more natural than a concrete jungle. Although one does say that since we're natural, everything we do also is. A spider's web is natural. A plane is natural.


It would be much more sensible to translate to there is no nature here! how "natur" is translated to natural scenery, I can't get..


I translated it as Natural beauty which was marked wrong although to me it seems pretty synonymous with natural scenery. I suppose maybe beauty is too value specific, although its hard to imagine talking about natural scenery without meaning to be aesthetically positive .

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Why det finns and not det är? Natur is singular, isn't it?


Right, but är/finns has nothing to do with number. You use finns mostly for something that's of a somewhat permanent nature, so nature fits that bill well. That said, there's a lot of overlap between är and finns, and natives will not always agree exactly on the difference.

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