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Danish Bonus Skills


I have a few ideas for Danish bonus skills, when the time comes. Let me know what you think! There are the three "traditional" ones, although I think that most of the Christmas skill is probably covered in the DK Culture skill. It would be fun to see some unique ones! Here are three of my ideas:

Danish Geography: When I started the course, I only knew the names of five places in Denmark, which I think might even be above average. It would be cool to have a lesson that teaches the user a bit about where things are in Denmark or even Scandinavia. You could have sentences like "Bornholm er en lille ø i Region Hovedstaden, selvom den ligger i Østersøen," "Øresundsbroen forbinder København med Malmø i Sverige," "H.C. Andersen var født i Odense, som ligger på Fyn," or "Flensborg ligger syd for grænsen ved Tyskland, men der bor mange danskere der."

Scandinavian History: This was touched on a bit, but I think it could also be interesting to learn more about it and learn some historical vocab. (Particularly for me, since the person who got me interested in Danish in the first place was a Danish history teacher). Some sentences could be "I det 15. århundred var København hovedstaden af Kalmarunionen, som beståede af Danmark, Sverige, Norge, Finland, Island, og nogle andre øer," "Før året 1944 var Island et territorium af Danmark," or "Mange skandinaviske mennesker flyttede til Minnesota og Wisconsin i Amerika i det 19. århundred."

Crime Fiction: For a region famed for its happiness, Scandinavia sure can make good crime fiction. Denmark in particular is known for series like Forbrydelsen and Broen (which I am watching now. Fascinating how sometimes I understand the Swedes better than the Danes). This could be good for some people who want to be able to watch some of these intense shows without subtitles, or come to understand them better. It could also be a good place for references to these shows, with sentences like "Sarah ved ikke endnu hvem har slået Nanna ihjel," "Undersøgelsen er forhindret fordi nogen har dødet vidnerne," or "Martin har fundet nogle spor i forbryderens lejlighed, som fører ham til Stefan Lindberg."

These are just some of my ideas. Already there are some great Denmark-specific skills, like DK Food, DK Culture, and Once Upon, all of which I love. I think it would be fun to see even more of these! Let me know what you think, and if there are any other ideas anyone thinks of. Also, @Team Dynamite Danish: Is there any timeframe for bonus skills, now that the course is out of beta?

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March 4, 2015



Wow great idea would be very interested in learning those skills! how much do you practice to reach level 19 , if I may ask ?


Every day for the past 137 days,minus a streak freeze. It was something about spending holidays with family... :)

I got on board with Danish the week it came out, and have been working almost every day since! I love it. Also, reviewing on Duo is kind of meditative for me, so in the evening, sometimes I'll lie down, put on music, and practice a lot of Duo. It's good to have something that's relaxing and productive at the same time!


I admire your dedication. Even though I have finished the tree, I find my listening comprehension is still quite poor let alone speaking. Do you have any advice for that? Tusind Tak


Selv tak! First, nothing beats having someone to speak it with. My girlfriend is also learning Danish, so we speak it with each other sometimes. There's also the Skype group (which I've been meaning to join...).

Otherwise, I'd recommend podcasts. dr.dk/podcast has a wealth of podcasts about a number of different topics. You could also watch Danish TV (with or without subtitiles), or listen to Danish music. The thing about Duo, is that it never exposes you to enough long, natural speech to really build listening comprehension. So find a fun way to supplement it!

Last, but not least, just keep going. Actually speaking can be hard, especially with a language like Danish, where the written form isn't always like the spoken form (try saying røde hoveder, for example). If you keep going, you'll get used to it.


You are my hero! I did not even know that it was possible to keep increasing your level once you finished the tree. One other skill that might be good is expressions that would help us discuss in Danish what we are doing in Duolingo. Words like, for example, review. Also could add grammatical terms. Much more boring that more history and crime novel stuff. Those ideas are more inspired.


Another idea might be all the little phrases one needs to begin conversing: could you repeat that? I don't understand? How do you pronounce that? How do you say ....? Could we please speak Danish? Thank you for your patience! You are very helpful!


Thanks! You can keep increasing your level till you get to level 25. And ha, I love the idea of a Duolingo-themed lesson. Teach us words for "incubator collaborator," "lesson review," or "strengthen skills.!


If you want further ideas for what skills you might add you could go to the Duolingo Dansk Skype chat--what people are trying to write about there is often the weather, doing Duolingo, and such.


I just joined the group yesterday! I'm looking forward to seeing how it is.


IanEvison, I think you should talk to Duo about that! I completely agree, and I think that's one thing that the beginners lessons miss out on. It hadn't occurred to me, but I actually don't know how to say "thanks for being so patient" and the only reasons I know "how do you pronounce that" and "can you repeat that" is from having learned off Duo.

I remember seeing a screenshot of the Esperanto incubator with the sentence "Mi jam estas komencanto," which is "I'm still a beginner." That sort of thing would be great to have!


I like these ideas!!! I support you!

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