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Words losing strength less than a day from gold

Here lately my time on duolingo has been solely spent strengthening skills over and over, since they lose gold and go to one before twenty-four hours has passed. Call me a bit OCD if you will, but I have a hard time doing new lessons when all my other lessons keep resetting to the "overdue" level not more than a day after bringing them back to gold. I don't know what's causing this, but I do know is that is is driving me mad to log in every day and see all my skills going back down. Whatever is creating this glitch, I need it to stop, and the sooner the better. I haven't changed my duolingo usage much, except for not doing new lessons in favor of keeping my old ones gold of course. It's never done this before, and it doesn't seem connected to my activity, it just starts lowering my score, for no apparent reason. If anyone knows what may be causing this, please lend a hand, I came for the gamification, but if I'm gonna be having to clock 100xp a day I'd rather some of it go to an actual lesson... Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to lend.

March 4, 2015



I have pretty much the same experiences lately and I need to confess, that I'm really losing my motivation since it's happening. It's very sad for me, because usually I felt really encouraged by Duolingo, but since all the skills are decaying so fast, I can't progress even a little plus lose motivation to repeat the same skills over and over again, every day.


Well duo, it's been real, but I'm going back to my paid software, at least they know the old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it". I loved this site, then came the changes, now my skills are going away faster than I can fix them, and really the gamification I came here for is driving me away. Duolingo is inferior in every way to my paid app, except for the gamfication and community, you broke one and won't listen to the other, so I don't know what else to do. My respect to Louis and his team, they made something great, the only problem is that once something does well, it's best to let it do so, instead we got sweeping changes, and now a broken system... I hope one day to be able to come back to a functional duolingo, but until then, I wish you all luck, in fixing these glitches, and learning to listen to the community when they speak.


I'm not at all sure what 'gamification' is. I'm here to learn Italian - and perhaps brush up my German too. And I've only been on DL for about 40 days (just lost my 36 day streak - blast!). But I am perplexed by the way DL keeps taking me back to Strengthen, and the extent to which it happens. I too am spending too much time on Strengthening and too little on Progressing. The odd thing is that DL keeps asking me to revise certain lessons (like "Household"), but not others - and it's NOT because I have particular problems with the offending lesson's content.


I have sympathy for you. It sucks to invest time to reach a goal, only to have that goalpost moved right before you score (or maybe done away with altogether). It's frustrating.

But ultimately, the problem is that you are putting Duolingo's gamification aspect ahead of the site's actual purpose: To learn another language. Yes, it can be irritating to have the rules of the game change under your feet, but that's what it is to beta-test a product, and Duolingo is essentially an ongoing beta.

If you can understand rationally that the gamification on Duolingo exists only to help you learn a language, then you should just accept that the established rules WILL change. Maybe they'll do away with hearts (good call, Duolingo!). Maybe they'll do away with Lingots (though not likely). Maybe they'll add Kudos or Butt-Pats or Attaboys. Maybe they'll add new content -- always a plus. Maybe they'll completely restructure the scoring system.

Fine, whatever. Just adapt your "play" to the new model. The point is to learn a language, not to complete your tree or earn Lingots or increase your level or whatever.


That's my problem, because as I said, I currently subscribe to a paid language learning app, and it's better than Duolingo in every way, except the gamification and community. I didn't come here because Duo was better for learning a language, I came here because of the gamification. I loved the tree design, XP, trying to earn Lingots, etc... These things were a great motivation, and I did better with them, but with all of the recent bugs, it's more demotivating than it is a help. Duo is nowhere near most subscription services as far as quality goes, and I don't expect them to be, it's free, but the few things they had going for them seem like a low priority now... Duo has a great platform, and it's concept of making learning like a game is a big help, though here lately it seems like they are so interested in running test/pleasing teachers that they aren't paying attention to all of the bugs they're creating for the rest of the userbase.

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