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  5. "Nous aurions été heureux."

"Nous aurions été heureux."

Translation:We would have been happy.

March 4, 2015


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A short love story

March 4, 2015


That five-word story may beat this, the "shortest novel":

For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.


So sad.


Wow. This got to me.


I suppose there wasn't a way they could have taught the past conditional without it being really depressing. Last week I lost the only relationship that ever felt right in my 33 years on this earth, so with this sentence, it feels like Duo is taunting me. Cruelly.


I'm very sorry, buddy. I've gone a long time without a meaningful romantic relationship despite my best efforts, so I can relate, although I won't claim to have been through the exact same thing.


Why there is no "Tips and Notes " in this course?


I found a really clear short video lesson for past conditional on the following link: http://www.tolearnfrench.com/exercises/exercise-french-2/exercise-french-12314.php


I am frequently impressed by the carefully selected, thoughtful French sentences. This one is no exception.

Loss is an unavoidable part of life. It is transitory by its very nature. "Nothing lasts forever", as some like to say. "We would have been happy." While some have complained that this a "sad" or "unhappy" sentence, in reality it simply reflects a basic fact of our existence: impermanence. While triggers to earlier losses can be painful, the intent of the course obviously is not to upset us. Our losses too shall pass, after all. Perhaps this is why "attachment" is understood as being a path away from happiness.

Let's stay well. In various languages.

  • Max


Here come the feels :'(


Every sad romantic movie in four words (also in the "language of love")


How would you say "We could have been happy"?


Just my guess, and I'd love to be critiqued here: "Nous avons pu etre heureux." At least the way you wrote your english sentence doesn't seem to warrant the conditional.


Why not heureuses ?


It is not a pronominal verb or one of the ones taking être.


Ive found a lot of upsetting sentences in this brilliant course. The sentence authors may be depressed in the cold winter in Canada. I wrote to them to please lighten up the subjects because this course is wonderful therapy otherwise. They hired new writers, but nothing happy yet. I shall write them again.


Just wrote them again to use more uplifting sentences and phrases.


. . . but you chose to leave the forest of hands and teeth. (book by Carrie Ryan)


I understand that Duo is probably too posh for this but ... "we'd've been happy" is still technically correct, right?

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