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  5. How do I see my total XP?


How do I see my total XP?

After I set my Daily Goal, the Due do not show me my Total XP, he/she done before this... specially in reports, shown after completing the lessons! How can I fix it? Tnx

March 4, 2015



I found this on your profile page. Some people can if on the right side of the a/b test.

German - Level 8

Next level: 117 XP

Total XP: 1533 XP

French - Level 8

Next level: 161 XP

Total XP: 1489 XP

I can only see the languages you are learning from English. When you switch to the other base language, then I would be able to see language learned from the other base, for example English.

Here is a userscript for the XP Progress Bar that you may be interested in. http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts


Tnx everybody!

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