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Strengthen skills XP

Could someone explain to me, what determines how much XP one gains from doing a strengthen skills task?

March 4, 2015



The current strength of the words which were part of the strengthening exercise. If the word strength is low, more XPs will be awarded (upto 10). If the word strength is still high, less XPs are awarded (3 being the minimum).


I had the same question. Thanks for the answer. I always got 10XP and then suddenly in the last couple days I only get 8 or 9, so I have to do an extra lesson to get to my goal for the day. Very frustrating. And I've looked around the site and there is no explanation of how experience points work. At least someone knew!


There was a big discussion thread a few weekends ago: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7141624

I find the change very offputting, as I started to do timed practice, but that is just so frustrating, I find myself skipping stuff I don't know, because it is such a time sink to do them.


I did not know that the current situation of the XPs was related to Duolingo for schools; you see I just joined a week ago. Thanks for pointing me that way!


Thanks for the link. It is interesting that they made that change. I did what the user suggested and changed my goal to 1XP per day so that I can keep doing 3 lessons or reviews a day and still make my goal no matter how many points they give me.


I know that if you strengthen a skill, then "continue" and start a new "strengthen skills" session, you'll get more XP. I think it also has something to do with how well you do each session.

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