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Initial small teething problems with new (and wonderful, thank you!) Classroom setup

I teach an Irish class every Tuesday, they're wonderful and interested and energetic, and I have them all set up on Duolingo so they can practice their vocabulary during the week. I only have them for an hour and a half, so we do grammar and things in class and then they have the marvellous resource of Duo to keep moving forward with the grammar and to refresh the verbs and structure and the whole lot over the week.

So I was very excited about the new classroom facility when I noticed it this morning, as I don't get any computer time with them on the Tuesday and can't see how they're doing, encourage them, advise them, etc.

I made the class and got the link, sent the link to the students, but when they click on the link and subsequently click 'Continue', in the 'Heads up!' box that pops up, it doesn't add them to the class. Nothing seems to happen.

However, if they go to Settings, then Progress Sharing, and put in my email and the class name, they are added. So I am able to get them to the class, but it'd be quite a bit simpler if the link just worked to get them straight into the class without the added steps? Especially if one's class is less computer literate than the young whippersnappers nowadays, as may be the case in certain cases :)

And yes, the problem could very well be with my own teeth. Please advise.

P.s. the Irish language course is absolutely excellent, fair play to anyone who was involved!

March 4, 2015



Hi jay_bird, that is so cool that you are working with the Irish course! So, the link should work automatically, meaning they should be magically added as soon as they click on the link, but they won't be able to access the dashboard and see each other. So, basically, they wouldn't know if it didn't work, only you as the teacher would be able to tell. Have you tried monitoring them while they tried signing up and checking your dashboard at the same time? Please let us know and we'll be happy to help. =]


Hello, most of my students are appearing on the dashboard, but not all of them. I sent them the link on their school gmail account. We also tried going to their settings as the previous comment advised. Neither are working. Help, please.


Just a hello to someone else using the programme to teach Irish - I'm just testing it out with a couple of students to see if it could be useful to me for a larger class (adults at the moment but I could be persuaded to extend.) With the couple of students I have it is looking ok although as you say, they had to join via their own account using the class code, but looking at some of the tutorial videos I don't think we have all the features of other languages (like the tips on the curriculum page). If you have any tips for me I would be grateful (I'm a voluntary community educator - ar son na Gaeilge :) )

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