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Spam - Really Worried about a user.....

I do not know where to report users, so I am going to do it here and hope that someone with authority will come across this. A Duolingo user, Gullard1, has been sending ALOT of people the same message, "How are you doing? I'm gullard. am a female i seek relationship I like sport reading travel am living in Stockholm Sweden i saw your profile which very interested i like you to contact by my email address gullardd@outlook.com so that i can tell you more detail about myself and give you more picture kisss Gullard" Which has been a bit disturbing, and when I looked closer, this person has chosen Swedish, but done no language learning itself, meaning this is the only thing this person has used the site for so far. I would like everybody to be careful, and I hope that the right people come across this to fix this problem. Let's keep Duolingo a language site, not a spamming, dating site! Good luck to everybody with learning languages! Tack!

March 4, 2015



Thank you for your post!

For issues like these, you can send a message to abuse@duolingo.com. A staff member will then look into the matter and take appropriate action.


It's a troll. It's not trying to find a partner, it's hoping to harvest email addresses from the exceptionally gullible. I very much doubt anyone would respond, but report it as abuse and just ignore it. I'm sure there's no need to be 'really worried' about it.


I know what you mean. But I actually believed it at first, and wondered how they could think I was so amazing without knowing me or anything. I would not have known it was a troll if not for actually going to their profile.


thanks for the 'heads up'.

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