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"Ela tinha usado o vestido."

Translation:She had already worn the dress.

March 4, 2015



Why can't you say "She had already used the dress"? We often say this in English e.g. "It's dirty. I used that shirt for my presentation yesterday".


Well, I've learnt that anything that you use on your body (perfume, clothes, accessories) you're supposed to say "wear" and not "use", but I'm no native speaker of English..


I think it is far more likely to say "She had already worn the dress".

We do, of course, refer to "used clothing."


Interesting. Because an accepted/suggested translation of "Que roupas ela usará?" is "What clothes will she use?". For consistency, the same usage should be accepted in this question. Although I agree "worn" is the better choice, "used" should not be incorrect.


It's not always a good idea to translate "ao pé da letra". If we did, we would be taking coffee (tomar café) instead of drinking/having coffee, and we'd be making a question (fazer uma pergunta) instead of asking a question. ;)


Well we English do take tea, why not coffee ,-)


It's possible to use a dress (or any other item of clothing) without wearing it. For example, I might be preparing a window display.


You can say used, and it is accepted now.


I just tried to use "used" and it was not accepted


I answered: She had worn the dress already. Which is equivalent to the correct answer of: She had already worn the dress. But my answer was not accepted -- shouldn't it have been?


"Used" still not accepted as of Aug 7, 2015. I reported it.


English is my first language and people do say "used" at times so it should have been accepted. "Worn" is the formal but if you say "used" it would clearly understood.


how would you say "She had already put on the dress."



It can be said in two ways: with the verb "colocar" (01); or "vestir" (02).

(01) Ela já tinha colocado o vestido.

(02) Ela já tinha vestido o vestido.

* In sentence (02) you will notice that the past participle of the verb "vestir - to wear" is written exactly as the noun "vestido - dress". It is grammatically correct and you can say it without worry.


I used "wore" instead of "worn", that should have been accepted right?


No. "Wore" is a simple past tense word: vestiu. "Worn" is a participle past tense word: vestido. Pay attention to the participle.

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