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Change in XP amounts?

When i started on this site a month ago, i used to get 10XP for completing any one lesson. But for some reason, just in the past week or so i've been getting (apparently radomly) less than 10XP for some lessons. Twice this morning is got 17 of 17 correct on two different lessons, and only got 7XP and 8XP, while on two other lessons where i got multiple wrong answers, i was awarded 10XP. Can someone explain what's going on? it's frustrating because i have my goal set for 50XP daily, but since i can't get 10XP every time, i'm having to do more than the usual 5 lessons needed to get to 50. Am i i doing something wrong here, or is it a glitch? anyone elese having this issue?

March 4, 2015



It’s neither a result of doing something wrong nor a glitch; the current variable XP reward is the result of a newly implemented feature in Duolingo. Search the “Duolingo in English” discussions with relevant keywords to find details on the thinking behind the feature and how it has been received.


thanks, i'll check that out.

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