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Microphone problems

I have a problem with the speaking sections when I do it on my laptop it sounds very quiet and far away and when I do it on my iMac it sounds robotic and of very poor quality (I can't even understand it).

At first I figured possibly it was a problem on my end but I have tested my microphone using a few different apps/programs and it sounds fine. Anyone know how I can fix this?

December 7, 2012



Same for my mac. The playback sounds all robotic. The pitch is way lower and timing a bit slower.


Good to know I am not alone, Assuming it is a bug on their end then. Hopefully it will get fixed soon!


I don't think it's just a problem with Macs. There have been complaints about the French voice since I started with Duolingo close to six months ago but it does get easier to understand, especially if you use the slow tab. As far as I'm concerned the rest of the learning experience has been very good so it's worth persisting.


My partner and I both use Duolingo - me to learn Spanish, him to learn English. We are both native speakers of the other language (me English, him Spanish). Neither of us can ever got Duolingo to recognise anything we say - native speaker or learner - in either language or on either of our computers. We just turn it off so we can enjoy the rest of the fabulous Duolingo experience!


I had no problem being heard on my Android app (Samsung gIII), but have had difficulty trying to use it on my lapt-top or my desktop (both Windows 7, using ether a usb headset or analogue.


Is there a way to get those old posts 'archived' but with a link to something relevant and up to date?

Because it's quite a waste of time to receive or being directed to these posts, which even if sorted out 3- 4 years ago probably would be inappropriate at a "now" time. Then if it does not have a solution...What the point, there are so many problems

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