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Customising Timed Practice Duration

Would it be possible to implement a system where the user can choose how many rounds their timed practice session will be? I'm trying to go as quickly as possible and, because of this, timed practice sessions often feel like they're over far too quickly.

(additionally, I know that the duration has something to do with retention rates, but could it be possible to implement anyway and have the current number of rounds as the default?)

December 7, 2012



I find that I can't type fast enough to finish the rounds even if I'm pretty confident and accurate with the translations and transcriptions.


I like the times rounds but, like SeisRayos, I simply cannot type the answers quickly enough. If I try to speed up, I just make typing mistakes and get the wrong answer. If I stop to check my typing, I lose time.


I agree, time practice duration depends on typing skills and if the user is not English mother tongue (like me). This makes two minutes definitely not enough.

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