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  5. "They do be working."

"They do be working."

Translation:Bíonn siad ag obair.

March 4, 2015



I see the "habitual" comment in the hint for "bíonn", and is that what this means? Or if not, what does this mean, in either English or Irish. At least in the US, "they do be" is just informal at best. Or maybe pirate talk.


Yes. It's (older?) Hiberno-English for the habitual. Similar to African American Vernacular English's habitual "be", seen in "They be working" (They are habitually working)


Here I go learning more English again, then. So thanks much. I never understood that phrasing before.


It's very particular to one dialect, so it's really not surprising. Especially given how dialects are treated in the educational system.


This shows up in parts of England, too doesn't it. Devon, Cornwall and the southwest?


I'm starting to think this way. Maybe that's a good sign that I'm learning something about Irish. It made no sense to me the first time I saw it.


I'm waiting for a DL sentence involving after having. That should sort out the Hiberno-English from the Brits.


"After having" as in "After having cocktails, we went into the dining room"? Which group does not say that?


More like "after having" as in "I'm after having a cocktail already, can we go into the dining room now?"


"They do be working" my in-laws are from the midlands and they talk like this


"What are you after doing?" De English as she is spoke in Hibernia


Who is in charge of this Irish? There are no explanations, helpful hints on grammar and pronunciation is sparse. Someone should hire somebody from the gaeltacht in Connacht to revamp it. I really appreciate the effort that is already available on the platform and the comment section is good, but all the other languages I am learning have explanations on grammar you can read before the lesson. There is no explanations or helpful hints on lenition or plurals, etc. Maybe the individual who is creating this course could use some help with it. Please give it to them.


Maybe you should learn how to use Duolingo before offering your "helpful" suggestions.


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