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  5. "En strand"

"En strand"

Translation:A beach

March 4, 2015



'strand' is a commonly used English word for 'beach'. It should be accepted


I've also seen "en sandstrand", but only in an older book. Is "strand" preferred over "sandstrand"?


In general, yes. I'd use sandstrand only if I wanted to be explicit about the beach being sandy.


So presumably stenstrand for a pebble beach?


"The pirates are stranded on a beach," hope that helps with remembering this. :p


is strand from english stranded... or is the english stranded from swedish strand? or is it that they both came from a similar germanic word which split off?


It's ultimately from Proto-Germanic, so it's very old, and in fact English used to have "strand" to mean "beach." It remains in words like "stranded", and also in some placenames such as the Grand Strand in South Carolina or the London street going from Trafalgar Square to King's College. Some places such as parts of Ireland still use "strand" more commonly.

That said, it is not clear whether the word was inherited into all modern Germanic languages, or if it was lost in some and then reloaned later.


Tack så mycket!

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