"She has worked abroad for several years."

Translation:Hon har arbetat utomlands i flera år.

March 4, 2015

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what is the difference between 'i flera år' and 'på flera år' ?


Positive vs negative:

  • hon har jobbat i flera år = she has worked for several years
  • hon har inte jobbat på flera år = she has not worked for several years
  • it also follows then that hon har inte jobbat i flera år = she has not been working for several years continuously without stopping


I could just as well say "Hon har jobbat utomlands under flera år".


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So is there no real difference between using i and under in this context?


Right. It's much like for vs during in English, the difference is meaning is negligible.


I tried "hon har arbetat utomlands under flera år" and it rejected it. I planned to come in here after I answered it correctly (with i flera år) and then find out the difference between "under" and "i". So I missed the opportunity to report it ... oops. If I remember, I answer "under flera år" next time, and then report it.

And, also if I remember, in general I'll answer incorrectly the second time if I plan on coming into the discussion to find out why my answer is wrong. :-D


I also wanted to ask why under flera år was not accepted. Which is the report a problem button?


I think Arnauti just forgot to add it. I've done so now. :)

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