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What inspired me to try to learn a language again!

Hallo Leute! (German for hey guys! or hello people) I am making this discussion post about what got me started learning a language again. I have wanted to be bilingual since I was about 13 and 5 years later finally found the inspiration to do so. Today is my 46th day streak and what started this desired to learn a language so much to finally go through with it this time and spend an hour or two a day actually learning was one simple youtube video. Some of you might have already seen this video but the video was of 17 year old Timothy Doner who lives in New York city speaking 20 languages and talking about his passion for language learning. After watching this video something just clicked and I knew I was tired of wanting something but not putting forth the effort to achieve it. Why do you learn language and what keeps you going? comment below I would love to here other peoples stories. Here is a link to the video if you haven't seen it and you want to- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km9-DiFaxpU

August 23, 2013



That's really cool.

I had a similar experience. I read a book by Barry Farber called How to Learn Any Language and the big lesson I learned was that if I put my mind to it I can definitely do it.

Discovering Duolingo Definitely helped, though. :-)


I have been taking French since I was 1 year old. My parents enrolled me in various after school (or pre-school) French activities. I didn't like it very much since I was forced to do it (I like doing things of my own accord, when I am ready) I dropped French when I was about 8. My teachers in elementary school told me I was too good at French to take it as a language class, so I was forced to take Spanish, but I knew everything already. French and Spanish were too similar, but French was just easier. I decided that since I'd dropped French, the middle school teachers might let me take it up again, instead of Spanish. I was right. But over the summer (of 2013), I realized that I had forgotten almost everything I knew: I used to be able to name about 100 animals, everything you can find in a barber shop, every food, color, transportation, everything. I had forgotten it all. That was when I went to camp. When I got home from camp, my parents had downloaded 7 or 8 French apps on our iPad. One of them was the duoLingo app. My parents said that since I had forgotten most everything, they thought that with the help of one or two apps, reading a few French books daily, I could get back on track before the school year began. I chose one out of all of those apps: duoLingo. Now, I am 11, and I am still trying to bring back all my French knowledge from before, so that I might actually have a chance of understanding the French teacher.

Good luck to all who are trying to learn a language! It's hard work, but it's fun, and it pays off.


Ciao senore! I was at the bottom of my class for everything which meant you weren't 'clever' enough to learn languages like french, spanish etc. at first I wasnt too bothered until my ignorance of different cultures got the better of me. I now want to speak different languages (especiailly italian) because not only do i want to visit, but also, not to be that english guy who yells at foreigners till they understand. Also Viva Assassins creed 2 for helping me out on my italian & Viva Duolingo for being amaaaazziiing ^_^ spiacente(sorry) if that was too long, i wish you the buono fortuna in your learning! x


Assassins Creed 2! :) I hope to learn Italian at some point too. That's actually at the top of my places to visit and will likely be my next language. Good luck with your learning. :)


Grazie! And yourself, good luck :D Assissins creed is an amazing game! x


My reason is a bit different i went to school in Mexico but I was born into a bilingual family (English and Spanish) and since in Mexico the only language they teach you (apart from Spanish) is English I never really knew what it felt to learn a language because I already spoke English. I have always wanted to know what it's like to learn a language from scratch, but I never really did anything to achieve my goal, that is until I heard about Duolingo on TEDed. I am learning Portuguese and let me tell you that it is awesome.


That sounds like my story in a few ways actually.

As someone who grew up in rural British Columbia, I am quite close to my grandparents (mostly my Oma and Opa, my father's parents). I would learn about their childhoods as German speakers in Europe, how they adapted to life moving to Canada, etc. The only thing I never learned though (or at least not with constant practice) is the German language. I lived with my mother (an exclusive English speaker) my whole life, so there was little opportunity to speak German.

Fortunately, with Duolingo and university courses on the German language which I will take soon, I am making the effort to change that with the hope that I can begin speaking the language most people in my family before me spoke or speak.

I suppose that while most people here are learning a new language for academic purposes, I am learning German for personal goals. :)


What make my learn new language is i really adore languages whenever i l earn even one phrase i fell happy and alive !


That's nifty. :) I've wanted to learn German since I was about 12. But never had the opportunity. I took French. I barely remember any of that but it was high school and I lacked focus. About a week ago I was sitting here and thinking...I don't really have anything going on right now. I'm hoping to go back to school soon but for now I should take a chance and finally learn German. I hope to learn more eventually as well. Duolingo is proving to be helpful. :) Plus...for being young still my memory could use a boost. :-D


I was the same. 5 years of french and I feel like I'm starting from scratch.


I had less than a year total. My school was on a weird system. I did okay with the reading/writing. But when it came to speaking it...I was awful. I decided to try the first lesson. It came back a little but I still butcher it when speaking. :)

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