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Words expire too quickly

I'm trying to learn 10-20 mins of Spanish every day, however, the words expire extremely quickly so that I'm stuck with repeating already learned words and don't find any time to learn anything new. Does anyone else has the same problem?

August 23, 2013



Well thank you for your comments. I really follow your advice and do timed practice since a while to the get everything golden every day. However, still words expire on a fast pace, I can't see any improvement.


here is an update. I managed to get everything golden yesterday, however, this morning again 18 lessons needed refreshing. This way I'm not going to find time to learn anything new.

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The decay rate seems to slow down after you've repeated them a few times and convinced the owl that you really do know them. Also, I find that timed practice mode is handy -- you can blast through twenty questions in a minute, get the whole skill back to gold, and then return to learning new stuff.


It seems to me - and I have had the same problem - that there are some words that get stuck at an extremely fast decay rate - however, if you do timed practice you will get through these rather quickly. For me after two weeks of making sure that I get all words to at least 3/4 strength, and adding very few new words, the situation seems to improve. A few weeks ago I would have almost a hundred words to refresh per day, now it is about half that and a lot more words are "rotating". Also, I manually try to refresh those words that duolinog believes I know but I probably don't, by practising those categories with several words more than a month old.

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