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"De drikker vin selv i Danmark."

Translation:They drink wine even in Denmark.

March 4, 2015



engang vs selv ?


What's the difference between endda, engang and selv?


Did you ever figure this out?


I read through the explanation on that link, and going by what is posted there, it does not seem to make sense to use "selv" in this sentence, because the "even" appears to be referring to the object (Denmark). Endda seems a better term to use here. Would welcome input from others about this topic.


I don't hear the v in selv. Now I know the text-to-speech software is notoriously mispronounced at the moment, so I checked on IVONA and it is the correct pronunciation, for anyone else wondering.


It's one of those glottal stop things that Danish is full of. You cut that v off short. It's like the tt in butter if you're from northern New Jersey, where they say ‘Buh’r” for butter and wah'r for water. So here, you're essentially saying, “sell’om” although sometimes the v shows itself a little, then without the glottal stop. Maybe it’s a regional thing.


It's called the "stød", and most Danish speakers pronounce it. It's not a glottal stop as such, but it is a sort of hesitation in the throat. It's hard to imitate as a non-native speaker and appears in the majority of words in irregular places, irrespective of spelling!


I don't really hear the v when danes speak though. Sometimes the right pronunciation and the common pronunciation aren't the same.. and I think the text-to-speech is doing a fairly good job.


In most sentences "V" is not pronounced at al, like in What is the "H" not pronounced, there is not really a rule for that, and if there are then i have never heard about it


Some people still pronounce the 'H' in words that start with a 'wh'. I do myself sometimes XD


Are you talking about English here? My mom and my grandmom used to give me a hard time if I didn't pronounce the h in what, where, when, why and whether (as distinguished from weather with a plain w). But that is English, not Danish, and that is over 50 years ago. Things change, Kundun. Especially in spoken language.


I think it's improved since I posted that comment; from what I recall there were a few nuances with the same words but in different sentences sometimes. Might've been fixed now


I feel like its one of those diphthong case things cause here http://www.forvo.com/search/selv/da/ most pronunciations lack the V, but selv om DOES have it, from what i can hear

plus den dansk ordbog lists it as having a V pronunciation http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=selv=S%C3%B8g¨

so i think both work? but im very uncertain about this


They drink A LOT of wine in Denmark, actually


Is it "They drink wine even in Denmark" or "They even drink wine in Denmark" or both?


Can we write ; De drikker vin engang i Damark.


De drikker aldrig vin og øl selv i Danmark

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