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How many people are using Duolingo?

And how many on each language? Just curious, thanks.

August 23, 2013



Only two; you and I... Everyone else is a robot, placed here by Duolingo to suck you in so that we may do battle!


Then I'm beating the crap out of you! :)


Yeah lol, I'm not the best at language learning =P but maybe someday I'll catch up or even surpass you =D

  • number of people using duo : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/510048 but I would say right now it should be around 5 million.

  • as far as I know there is no actual statistic for users regarding number of users per language but there was a post by someone from duolingo staff a while ago (can't seem to find the thread) stating that English has the most users. Second is Spanish and French is the third.


Wow that's a lot! Thanks!

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