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Lessons disappear immediately before I can start -- and now quizzes, too

For the past few days, at least, sometimes when I start a new lesson, it shows the first question only for a moment before reverting to the lesson screen. This seems to happen most commonly when the first question is a selection between three pictures of a word's meaning. If I back up the browser back into the lesson itself, it does the same thing, showing the lesson for maybe a second before reverting to the lesson screen. If I can manage to select or type something really fast and hit return (usually resulting in a missed answer), I can get the lesson to stay and proceed normally.

I also tried to take a German quiz yesterday, but things appeared to hang. I hit refresh, and the test disappeared into the ether. It's not in the Lingot shop any more; I have to buy another one, which I'm wary of doing, given what just happened.

Any insights into either of these issues? Is either (or both) already a known issue?

March 4, 2015



I would first try clearing your cache or using incognito mode in chrome.
Or trying a different browser to see if you will have the problem?

I'm using Chrome 40.0.2214.115 and not noticing any problems (although, ,when I went to check my Chrome version, and it tried to updated it, which I canceled)


What type of computer, phone or tablet are you using? Please include the operating system and browser name that you are using.


Chrome running on Windows 8.1, installed on a Lenovo ThinkPad T540p.

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