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Problem with Lesson Practice/Practice Weakest Words

I get the feeling that something in the algorithm isn't working here - I keep being asked to study words everyday that the system should realize that I know.

For example - I am studying French, have a 180+ day streak, and have seen the word 'je' on 806 occasions according to your counter. I see the word 'je' every day, and clearly know what it means at this point. So why has Duo told me that 'je' is an 'overdue' or 'one gold bar' word for me on several days this week? It would be one thing if I were messing up the conjugation of verbs that accompany 'je' (and I sometimes do), but that doesn't really mean that I need to practice the most elementary basics like 'je' everyday so much as it means that I need to practice those incorrect verbs everyday. Shouldn't Lesson Practice/Practice Weakest Words reflect this reality, somehow?

I could hit the 'remove from practice button' for all of these basic words that apply, but I'd really prefer not to do that - it would just be better if the algorithm realized that I clearly know the basics, but occasionally struggle with more intermediate tasks, and adjust my weakest words accordingly.

Am I approaching all of this in the wrong way? Is there something I'm missing here? I write this because I'm totally obsessed with Duolingo and want it to be even greater than it already is - thanks in advance!

August 23, 2013



Good question. I would also like to know the answer to this.


Yuck, if the practice weakest words is STILL buggy..... This means when Duolingo tries to fix it again, my tree is going to wilt horribly, again....


It's interesting to guess the algorithm... We can imagine "je" forms part of (wild guess) 50% of sentences you get wrong, But if so it must form part of 50% of sentences you get right as well... It looks like DL is degrading every word in the incorrect answer? And only giving equal or less credit for a correct solution. Which doesn't make sense because if there are ten words in a difficult sentence, DL is usually only trying to teach you one or at most two. Degrading the other eight is to miss the point of their own learning system. Pure speculation here like :)


Your speculation as to how it works runs along very similar lines to what I've imagined - I think what you're describing is probably a very good guess on your part.


It does not seem that the words you get right degrade only the ones marked by bold text in the correct solution. At least when you do timed practice if you get the word that is practised in the current sentence (sometimes marked blue) it will be strenghened even if you get another word wrong. It does not appear in the list of strengthened words, but it will go up to for bars anyway.


I have the same problem - it seems that some words get stuck and never improve. I have reported this but am yet to receive an answer.


Hope you get an answer, because I too want know why this happens.


My recurring word pet peeve is "madrugada" (dawn). Every. single.time. Yep, almost every time I click "lesson practice" it makes me practice this word at least once. In the meantime there are words I've seen twice and have vanished.


If you guested word in first time or watched it doesn't mean that you already know it, so better to put in your practice more. Example, i went through few lessons, and i only get only same words (like lunes martes miercoles domingos ) but not fridays or thursdays.

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