"What is so funny?"

Translation:Vad är det som är så roligt?

March 4, 2015

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Is the literal translation more like "What is it that is so funny?"


Yup, that'd be the perfect literal translation.


I typed in "Vad är så roligt?" and it was accepted, but I'm more concerned with making it sound "right"... would a native say that?


"Vad är det som är så roligt" is probably the most natural to say.


Jag också skrivde detta men inte accepterades...


Jag tror att du menar "Jag skrev också" eller "Jag har också skrivit" ;)


Is there really no shorter way of saying this?


It accepted "Vad är så roligt?".


Generally no. You could say "vad är så roligt" but "vad är det som är så roligt" is the probably the idiomatic way of saying this. That being said, if you're speaking quickly and conversationally, half the sounds there might disappear.


There's probably some colloquial abbreviation; maybe: Va' så roligt?


Your sentence is not right but you are on the right way. A lot of people do not pronounce the last letter of a word sometimes. Of course it depends on where you come from and how formal you want to be. If I was talking to my friend I would literally say: "Va e de som e så roligt". I guess this isn't grammatically wrong when speaking and just lazy since we don't pronounce all the letters. As you see är becomes e. However you can absolutely never write it this way. As I said it is just lazy pronunciation and I wouldn't recommend learning it this way.

If you just wanted to make the expression shorter you could indeed say "Vad är så roligt?", although to be fair, the longer variant is used more often. When you say it like that you sort of put more focus on . Try saying it in English, "What is so funny?" This is often used with 'that'. Ex:

Vad är så roligt att till och med du börjar skratta?
What is so funny that even you start to laugh?


Speaking quickly this could totally end up being reduced all the way to "vaesåroli".


Nothing really that would make it sound natural if you're talking.


What is it that makes it roligt and not rolig?


I guess that in order to use "rolig" you should use "den", "vad är den som är så rolig".


Partly right, but that sentence doesn't work – you can say: Den är rolig, but the expression vad är det meaning 'what is it' is always used with det, just like the det that is used to introduce new topics.


Of course! Thanks :)


No, that is false. "Vad är DET som är så ROLIGT"


Roligt is an adverb, while rolig is an adjective. So, keep in mind that roligt describes a verb, adjective or another adverb while rolig only describes a noun.


The adverb is roligt, correct, but roligt is also the adjective "fun" for neuter gender things, and of course you use neuter gender forms for generic, unintroduced subjects like "What is..."


I entered 'kul' instead of 'roligt' and it told me it was wrong. I ain't hating. Just wanted to point this out for the awesome contributors.


Hehe, thanks - added that.


They are used in different contexts.


FOR REAL is that the way to say what is so funny?


Why we are using 'som ' in that sentence can anyone explain that for me thx


I just wonder Why they have to say things so complicate way!?

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