"She has forced me to swim."

Translation:Hon har tvingat mig att simma.

March 4, 2015

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Okay, in an earlier question, it's correct to say "jag har försökt ringa dig", leaving out the "att" for att ringa. Why is it correct in that sentence, but in this sentence you must have the att for att simma?


försöka is an auxiliary verb and doesn't require att


Am I the only one who is thinking about sims and taking away the pool ladder...?


Well, yes, but now I can't unthink it, thanks to you. :p


I wrote "tvungit" rather than "tvingat". Should that be accepted, or is it outright wrong, or just not in common use anymore? (I can tell from the number of google hits that tvingat is a lot more common, so maybe the latter?)


It's synonymous but very outdated, almost to the point that it sounds like something a child would say - like "I have builded a table".


so does it mean that tvingat takes the ATT allways


That is correct. :)


I wrote 'hon har tvungen' but that was marked wrong. Can someone please explain why 'Han blev tvungen att vänta' is correct, while 'hon har tvungen' is wrong?


In Swedish, you can either "be" forced to do something, or "become" forced to do something. That's for the adjective "forced".

But English confusingly uses "forced" for both adjective, simple past tense, and past participle. For the past participle, we use ha just like English uses "have". So "she has forced" is hon har tvingat. Note that the adjective does not share the verb forms in Swedish.


Thank you Devalanteriel for the explanation. It is clear to me now

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