Sa or Son?

I have always wondered, is there a difference between sa and son? In the lessons I use whichever one I want to and it never says that it's wrong. Are there any rules for using them, because from what I see it seems like both of them are used for both. Is this right?

March 5, 2015


If you are using it with a masculine noun, or a noun beginning with a vowel or silent h, use son. So, son père can mean his or her father, son amie would be his/her female friend. Use sa with feminine nouns, and ses with plurals of either gender. The same holds with mon/ma/mes and ton/ta/tes. Feel free to ask if there's something you still don't understand :)

March 5, 2015

Ohhh okay thank you!

March 6, 2015

thanks a lot

May 30, 2019

In English, you determine if it is "his" or "her" by looking at the subject possessing the object. It is the other way around in French, "son" or "sa" is determined by the gender of the possessed object. I'm a girl but it will me "mon téléphone" and "ma voiture". Like knittingirl said, anytime a word starts with a vowel or a H, it will be "son" (son arbre - son amie), and the plural will be "ses".

March 5, 2015
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