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Japanese Lesson 4: Basics 1 part 2

Vocabulary: Tango: たんご: 単語

Girl: (Like man, woman, and boy there are a few ways to say "girl")

Onnanoko: おんなのこ: 女の子

Shoujo: しょうじょ: 少女

Joshi: じょし: 女子

↑All of these are interchangable with one another. Use whichever you like. I'll be mixing and matching this lesson.

He: Kare: かれ: 彼 (this can also mean "boyfriend" I believe)

Is: Desu: です (is/am/are)

She: Kanojo: かのじょ: 彼女 (this can also mean "girlfriend" i believe)

An: (Like "A" there is no corrilating Japanese word for this article. Though if you are so inclined you can use the number one and a counter. But for now we'll just ignore it's existence.)

Apple: Ringo: りんご

And: To: と (This is the version of "And" used in LISTING things. EG: Apple AND Pencil AND Paper. りんご と えんぴつ と かみ. "ringo to enpitsu to kami")

*と is a particle. Here it acts as "and", so to speak. But it has many other uses in which it does NOT mean "and" or anything close. We will cover those later.

We'll also cover the conjunction (connector for compound sentences) version of "And" later. ^_^

Man and Woman

Dansei to Josei

だんせい と じょせい


A man and an apple

Dansei to Ringo

だんせい と りんご


Is he a Man?

GRAMMAR POINT TIME! To form a question in Japanese you add the particle "Ka" 「か」to the end of the sentence! Think of it as an audable questionmark.

Is he a man?

Kare wa otoko desu ka. (lit: He (wa) man is ?)

かれ は おとこ です か。


She is a girl.

Kanojo wa onnanoko desu.

かのじょ は おんなのこ です。


I am a girl

Watashi wa shoujo desu.

わたし は しょうじょ です。


He is a boy.

Kare wa shounen desu.

かれ は しょうねん です。


An apple



She is a girl

Kanojo wa joshi desu.

かのじょ は じょし です

彼女 は 女子 です。

Feel like you're starting to get it? :)

A boy and a girl

Danshi to Joshi

だんし と じょし


QUICK TIP: I know how tempting it is to use "desu" at the end of every sentence. Do not do this. Desu means is/am/are. So treating "desu" as a sentence ender (like a period) can become really awkward really fast.

Happy learning!

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March 5, 2015



These are wonderful. Thank you.


You did a fairly good job explaining と, the way I was taught was that it was a noun connector, but listing things works just as well. It isn't exactly the word 'and'.


Thank you. And true, true. The と particle has MANY uses and this is pretty much the only time it's used as "and". I'm going to expand on it as we move along. :) But thank you for pointing that out! That's an important thing for everyone to know, and it is something I completely blanked on when writing the lesson. :) I will add something in for that.


You're right about the double meaning for 彼女/kanojo...."she" and "girlfriend." Not sure if 彼/kare can serve as "boyfriend," or if it has to be 彼氏/kareshi.


彼氏 and 彼 might be synonyms for "boyfriend" with 彼氏 not having a secondary meaning. :/ That's just going off of rikaichan and jisho.org... they both have one of 彼 's meanings listed as "boyfriend" and they both have 彼氏 as well.

Hmm. In any case you taught me a new word today! :D

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