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Will there be Swedish speaking practice?

Will the ability to practice speaking be added to the Swedish course? A friend is working on this course, but never gets the questions where he has to speak and check his pronunciation. I've checked, and it is not because the microphone is turned off. I'm wondering, because he is thinking of going to Rosetta Stone Swedish which has this feature.

March 5, 2015



Keep in mind that the microphone feature doesn't really test your speaking abilities in any way. Many users have reported speaking gibberish and being counted as correct while others cannot get their clear pronunciations to be accepted. The main point of the feature is simply to get you to speak out loud. Your friend would be best served by repeating each Swedish sentence aloud after submitting an answer.


I agree. I've had native German speakers that can't be understood by DuoLingo's speech recognition! But this seems to be what my friend needs in order to practice speaking, and before he spends quite a bit of money on Rosetta Stone, I wanted to check.


Yeah, the speaking questions were one of the major frustrations that eventually made me delete all of my progress in French. Even when I repeated things perfectly, it was even odds on whether it would be counted as correct or whether I'd have to try again.


when i found the Italian one over-sensitive I simply played the example into the recording. :D Terrible, I know.


I've tried to do this, but it never picks up the recording! Maybe I just have a weak microphone. :-)


I was wondering why my Swedish lessons do not offer the chance to speak sentences into the microphone as well. Is it just a glitch or is there some other reason? I also checked my microphone to make sure it was turned on, etc, and my other language lessons do not have a problem either. Just the Swedish. Puzzled.


Looking at your languages, I think that Swedish is the only one you're doing that wasn't designed by the Duolingo team themselves. It's possible that the microphone exercises are more difficult to code and thus don't exist in any volunteer-constructed language trees. But I'd have to know for sure which ones were made by volunteers and which by Duo staff to confirm that.


Interesting. Maybe one of the developers will see this board and respond as to whether the speaking practice will soon/ever be a possibility.


Oh! I had no idea Swedish was a non DuoLingo staffed language!


Have you tried the speech recognition at https://translate.google.com/#sv/en/ ? I just realized it's even easier than trying to use Google Now. Make sure that Swedish is the input language (on the left) and click the microphone and say something like att tala svenska är inte så svårt and watch as it translates as you speak. Pretty awesome.

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