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  5. "It seems familiar."

"It seems familiar."

Translation:Parece familiar.

August 23, 2013



Alguém me corrija se eu estiver errado mas para a frase "it seems familiar" não poderia ser traduzida para "Isto me parece familiar."?


Yes, you're right.


why not.... é parece familiar ? I believe this should also be accepted


That doesn't work. What I think you wanted was an explicit word for "it" but there is no need for one as Portuguese allows the conjugation of the verb to indicate the subject and "it" is a good bet here.

If you did want to use an explicit subject then "é" = "it is" is not valid, but a word like "isto/isso" could work to give something like "This/That thing seems familiar" which is more or less the same thing.


"it seems familiar TO ME" seria a forma correta para o que o duolingo afirma ser a tradução. "isso parece familiar" deveria estar correto também para o que foi pedido.


What does "me" mean in this sentence ?


"it seems to me..."


Is it correct then to have the sentence be, "Me parace familiar" (starting with a "clitic")? Because that is what DL told me, and I do not think the Portuguese would be so happy with that, preferring, "Parace-me familiar" (I think...).


Grammatically speaking, it is not correct, but that's what you hear in day to day conversations =)

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