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  5. "Osclaímid na leabhair."

"Osclaímid na leabhair."

Translation:We open the books.

March 5, 2015



Does Osclaímíd have as broad a meaning in irish as open does in English?

A New store opened yesterday. Open the box. Open your eyes. Nurse its time to open the patient. Etc.


I'm hearing the L pronounced with what sounds like a Y sound in English. Am I hearing this correctly, and if so, is this applicable to other L words as well?


L's are only pronounced with a 'y' after it, when next to 'i's and 'e's. Otherwise they arent.


.....And find to our suprise the ingreidents to make homemade root beer!


Why has 'bh' gone silent instead of making the V sound like it does in other words?


A stressed vowel followed by bh, dh, gh, or mh typically dispenses with the consonant sound and forms a diphthong instead.


Between As, Os and Us bh/mh make a "W" sound, and between Es and Is it makes a "V" sound.


Osclaímid na leabhair = Usklłimidz n' ljałyr. A phonetic hint for Polish speakers. Take it for granted . No strings attached

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