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  5. "Osclaímid na leabhair."

"Osclaímid na leabhair."

Translation:We open the books.

March 5, 2015



Does Osclaímíd have as broad a meaning in irish as open does in English?

A New store opened yesterday. Open the box. Open your eyes. Nurse its time to open the patient. Etc.


I'm hearing the L pronounced with what sounds like a Y sound in English. Am I hearing this correctly, and if so, is this applicable to other L words as well?


L's are only pronounced with a 'y' after it, when next to 'i's and 'e's. Otherwise they arent.


.....And find to our suprise the ingreidents to make homemade root beer!


Osclaímid na leabhair = Usklłimidz n' ljałyr. A phonetic hint for Polish speakers. Take it for granted . No strings attached


Why has 'bh' gone silent instead of making the V sound like it does in other words?


Between As, Os and Us bh/mh make a "W" sound, and between Es and Is it makes a "V" sound.


A stressed vowel followed by bh, dh, gh, or mh typically dispenses with the consonant sound and forms a diphthong instead.

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