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Curso de turco para hablantes de inglés

Alguien sabe cuando estará disponible el curso, Solo hay hablantes de turco para aprender inglés

March 5, 2015

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No se, pero dijeron hace seis días que ya tienen el curso listo y ahora se encontrarían buscando problemas, etc....

Selam! Hey!

So, we have completed our tree! Great, great news! I cannot thank Selcen, Emel, Nur, Ilke, and Gamze enough for being an awesome team. We have finally tamed the beast of translation and creating a course from complete scratch, something that is very difficult and time consuming. We also are the first ever non-Indo-European language to have ever achieved this on Duolingo. It is pretty amazing to think about.

This being said, we still have a lot of work to do. We need to add finish editing the tree (I have almost finished editing the English, but we still have to edit the Turkish), test the course, listen to all of the audio files, and write grammar explanations. The developers also will need to sort out some bugs in the course itself, which is entirely out of our control. Both of us will still need some time before we can release the course. Please be patient during this process. We are not going to release the course until both us and the Duolingo staff feel it is ready. This means, like I said last week, "Please oh please do not write on mine or Selcen's wall asking for the date. We do not know!"

Keeping this in mind, we are proud to be at this point. We have decided a while back that we were going to release a shortened version of the tree so that we can give you the course faster. As we wrap up Phase 1 of our course, feel free to thank our team for all of their hard work and the staff of Duolingo for this opportunity. Turkish will finally be out Soon™.


Alex, Selcen, and the Turkish Team


Quiero curso de turco para hablantes de español

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