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Masculine vs feminine - Duo Lingo is not providing essential information

I find it really annoying when a new word is presented and I have to guess what the gender is !! The gender needs to be added to the vocabulary section when you hover over a new word otherwise we lose hearts because Duo Lingo is not providing us with all the information we need. A separate section for learning the gender of words - the general rules, exceptions etc. is really needed as it is essential to making correct sentences.

August 23, 2013



I remember a while ago, when you hovered on the "the" or "a" before the noun, it shows you le or la (depending on the gender) and un or une. Now it shows le/la or un/une (both). (it's not specific anymore). I find it is very frustrating and it should be back to how it was before.

For general rules/ exceptions, I think there should be something like a language notebook that you can open during the lesson, and inside, it should have the basic rules and exceptions (and some notes that you've added).


I thought it did tell you the gender of the new word but just doesn't tell you in subsequent lessons.

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