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Color idioms in multiple languages, including German

There is this interesting project by Alan S. Kennedy to collect as many of the well-known color idioms of languages: http://www.starchamber.com/colors/color-idioms.html.

March 5, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Wow! I love it when people share idioms! They are a major challenge in translation. Thanks for sharing, Carole



    What happened to blue? I can think of several English phrases with blue.


    There are plenty of blue ones in the German section - in fact it may be the largest color - as well as the English section. Did you click through to the link?

    The image in this thread post is just a taster.


    The two that we use most often are probably:

    • Blau sein (being blue) - being drunk: "Ohje, Mike ist glaube ich ziemlich blau!"
    • Blau machen (making blue) - to take a duvet day: "Am Montag hab' ich blau gemacht"


    Great! Thanks for that! :)

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