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  5. "Flickan kramar mannen."

"Flickan kramar mannen."

Translation:The girl hugs the man.

March 5, 2015



I hear "kråmer" :\


For people reading this two years later: the newer voice gets it right. :)


My dictionary gives 'cuddle' and 'embrace' as translations of kramar. De stämmer? And if so should they be added as alternate answers?


They are not perfect translations, whereas "hug" is.

Cuddle would probably be "myser" or "gosar" in Swedish

Embrace would be "omfamnar" or "håller om"

Another note, when asking questions in Swedish you need to consider the word order. "De stämmer?" does not look like a good question in Swedish, I'd suggest you write "Stämmer de?". And as a matter of fact I would prefer "Stämmer det?" since you are asking whether your statement is correct or not.


Thanks very much, that's clear. I was trying to ask whether the two translations were correct rather than the statement as a whole, hence why I chose de rather than det. But yes, I forgot to invert!


It's just that "stämmer det?" is a very common and useful phrase in Swedish. We usually use "det" no matter what.

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