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  5. "He is in the office."

"He is in the office."

Translation:Han er på kontoret.

March 5, 2015



How do I know when in=i and when in=på?


Some places you use på some i.

På toilettet, slottet, badeværelset

I huset, stuen køkkenet

You just have to memorise them all :) isn't danish just lovely?


Can someone clear up the difference between på and i? She is in the bathroom is hun er i badeværelset and not på badeværelset, yet han er på kontoret and not i kontoret. Is there something inherently different grammatically between a bathroom and an office? Is it a cultural thing? Is it just that the sentences aren't accepted yet?


I think it's a cultural/language thing. Danish just happens to choose different prepositions than English. I don't think there are any grammatical reasons why (but I'm not sure).

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