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Several classes listed per period - merging possible?

I suddenly have several classes listed for each period, even though I only created one class per period. I'm guessing my students created them when they joined. Is it possible to merge them or do I have to drop some and have those students add the correct class?

March 5, 2015



Hi marpartridge! We have a new design and I will write the instructions for how to do it in the new version:

  • On the top left side of the page, right under where it says how many students you are displaying, there is a checkbox. There is also one right next to each student. The first box is selected if you would like to bulk edit information, such as "section." You can unselect individual students one by one. But if you only want to change the name of one individual student's section, simply check the box next to their picture and...

  • ...when you check any of those checkboxes, two links will appear the top right of the page (blue top bar). Click on "edit section." Type in the new name of the section for the selected student(s). This section name will replace the previous section name of that particular student.

I hope this helps! :]

(edit: everybody should have the new design out, so I removed the explanation for how to do it in the previous version)


Awesome, thanks! Are you new on the staff? A software engineer?


I'm in the community team, and here is my intro we posted when I joined the team. I am not a software engineer. :]


Tack! Mycket interessant. I'm also Swedish. Well half Swedish. Well technically one forth Swedish and one fourth Finnish. (I guess that makes me a just another usual mutt. :)


Thanks! I actually figured it out on my own before I saw your post (duh! - it's obvious)

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