Hi. The other day I was studying French and I noticed there was a Words section where you could see all the words you've studied. So i tried to get in contact with Duolingo but they probably not responded never (It's passed 2 weeks since then) So what if we all write them and they might included in the Swedish course. Thank you very much. M.

March 5, 2015


1 - Set your learning course to French (or a course with a "Words" tab).
2 - In another browser tab, open Duolingo again. (So now you have 2 tabs open, both in the French course)
3 - In the new tab, change your course to Swedish (or Irish, or whatever language you want a "Words" tab for).
4 - Go back to the first tab (French), and click on "Words". It should load with the Swedish list of words.

This works perfectly indeed. However, I do see <*sf> listed in a lot of places where words are supposed to be listed, is this due to coding of the page or did I not get those words in my course yet? (Edit: it seems to me that it has to do with html coding of the ''words'' column)

Furthermore: if this works, why is the ''words'' tab not available without any circumventory actions? Even this ''incomplete'' list helps me more than no list at all ;)

..if this works, why is the ''words'' tab not available without any circumventory actions?

There are many things that seem pretty darned simple to do that Duo just doesn't do, including the "Words" tab, making the language selection easier, letting us know how far we have until we reach our next level, etc. Fortunately, for most, if not all of these often requested (or inexplicably removed) features, users have written scripts to achieve exactly what we're looking for (or have discovered an easy work around).

Duo's priorities lie elsewhere. (I'm biting my tongue here)

Worked perfectly! Thanks for this tip, many of us can benefit from it :)

Thank you very much for this tip!! Here are a couple of lingots

It's not available for Swedish yet, but may be soon. In the meantime, you could try memrise, a free site where learners have done something similar to what you suggest, with the additional bonus that you can study the words more easily. Here are a couple courses

It doesn't seem to work for Irish but it is working for Swedish for me.

I just tried this trick switching from Italian to Swedish. I tried it in both Firefox and Chrome, but it did not work in either.

Has this been disabled by Duolingo?

It would be nice to have the words list in Swedish without employing tricks anyway.

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