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  5. "Quel vestito rosso è corto."

"Quel vestito rosso è corto."

Translation:That red dress is short.

August 23, 2013



Listening to the slow version of this sentence the "e" sounds like nothing other than a cough.


I had to listen to it about 10 times because I simply could not believe my ears when I heard 1) the COUGH 2) the word "Arrosso?"after vestito, and 3) a word at the end which could be quarto, corto, or...? It was by persistance, deductive reasoning and pure dumb luck that I got it right, and set me to laughing in amazement! I am reporting all of this. 6/20/14.


when to use "quel" or "quello" for masculine nouns??


I think you use quello where you'd use 'lo' for the definite article. So before words beginning with z or s+consonant. That sugar quello zucchero


I am not actually sure that's a grammatical rule, since I have heard and seen "quello" used for words besides "z" and "s-impure". And DL does make errors too.


I have the same question, and am not sure that Ariaflame's answer below is correct. I think "quel" means "that", whereas "quello" means "that one" as in previous sentences in this unit (which is taking me forever to get through!) Can someone correct me if I am wrong.


Rather than typing the answer , if you just 'clicked on the correct words, then the word 'dress' was NOT in the list so I choose 'suit' instead, if dress was part of the correct answer then why wasn't it available in the list of words to be selected as the correct ones?


This is really true!


I thought vestito also translated as suit.


It's not qrong to translate to dress


Why suit rather than dress?


I have the same question - dress was incorrect - it had to be suit


You are so right killary I thought she had coughed too before I read your comment and countvlad I think the difference is between quel this and quello this one.


The cough has been reported in the past, it is still just a cough for "e" as of 11/12/14. Reported it again.


Since when is "Vestito= suit"?!


"Il vestito" meaning was given by DL as a dress.Why now the suit?!


Vestito is not suit. Vestito is dress. Suit is 'abito'. Man that's basic.


Frustrating that 'dress' is still not accepted!

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