My Favorite German Language YouTube Videos

In getting ready for a trip to Germany next month, I have been trying to hear as much German as possible (in addition to my duolingo practice, of course).

I have found several very interesting learning resources on YouTube (as well as many more uninteresting ones). These are the ones that I most recommend:

Get Germanized This is a very entertaining and informative young German guy who not only provides lessons, but very entertaining information about life and customs in Germany.

Deutsch Plus This is a television series in 20 parts, produced by the BBC for learning German. The characters are interesting and the vocabulary is fairly simple (although not for novices, since there are no English subtitles).

Telenovela für Deutschlerner: Mein Weg Nach Deutschland Another telenovela for learning German, about a young woman who has just moved to Germany from Turkey. It includes information about customs in Germany, as well. There German subtitles, but not English.

Deutsch für Euch Great language lessons from an enthusiastic young lady, with vocabulary, grammar and some culture lessons.

Extr@ This is a silly, but fun telenovela, about an American (who speaks German terribly) visiting friends in Germany. This is like an even-sillier version of "Threes Company" (for those who remember that show).

These sites are all a lot more interesting (to me) than the many sites that offer a lecture format.

Now I'm starting to watch some regular German TV programs, but these aren't on YouTube. Hope you like these, and please let me know what you recommend.

March 5, 2015


It may be a kids show, but Die Sendung mit der Maus is pretty good for learning purposes. You can find some episodes on youtube or on ARD.

If you want to watch German TV, get Hola! and set your location to Germany. You can then watch geo-blocked TV and videos, including German Netflix if you're a subscriber. Read about it first before you add it on though. Unless you pay for it, you're allowing others to use your IP in exchange.

March 5, 2015

I had been thinking of trying Hola!. Do you typically get enough bandwidth to stream the video smoothly?

I haven't had any issues.

Someone recently posted a caution that your computer may be used as some kind of a "host" for other users (pardon me; I'm not technically inclined) if you use Hola. I don't know for sure one way or the other, but you might want to do some research before you risk opening yourself up to something you're not expecting.

Hey, Die Sendung mit der Maus sounds great, thanks for the tip!


I wonder why.

Heh heh, yeah that was an easy one for me to like! 4of9, if I see a Deutsch Cow german show on YouTube, I will let you know. ;) (hmm...Deutsch Kuh, right?

I was trying to say German Cow as a joke with 4of9. :D (Compared to my Deutsche Maus thing.

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

Great post. Deserved my Lingot

I recommend this canal on youtube "Easy Languages"

I just watched a bunch of these, they're great. Thanks!

Is Extr@ pronounced "Extrat"?

Thanks for the reccomendations! I love Dominki, and will check out the other channels.

One that I would reccomend is Maria Athena She is an American who learned German. I am not able to understand most of her videos yet, but I really love her English and bilingual videos, and she makes a lot of videos in German on language learning as well as a variety of other topics. I am really excited to watch all of her German-language ones when I can understand her!!

Not gonna lie, I was really excited to see this post. It came up in my traffic feed on YT. :)

Nice to see you here on DuoLingo. I've really been enjoying your videos - Thank you for making them!

Oh my gosh, thank you for responding. I am freaking out. Love your videos, :):):)

this link does not work

Huh, it's working on mine. Thanks for the heads up though.

it doesn't matter ,will be always nice to get something new from you :)

Nice list! I love Get Germazined (Dominik is terrific) and I have watched several episodes of Deutsch Plus, which is very helpful for my German. :) I tried Deutsch Für Euch, but the girl on these videos goes through the lessons much too fast for me. I did read that she received complaints about this and she is trying to slow down on her newer videos. I should give it another try I suppose. Thanks again for the list!

I also enjoy Get Germanized and I think Dominik is hilarious. I didn't really connect with the Deutsch Für Euch girl; she does talk pretty fast and I didn't find her presentation as entertaining as Dominik's.

Bvogel, yeah, same here...something about the girl on that channel did not quite sit well with me, in addition to her fast presentation style. I am definitely a Dominik fan. ;)

Thanks for the compilation.

Danke! Es ist Nútzlich!

"Erste Wege in Deutschland" - this miniserie on youtube is without subtitles ,but there you can watch it with subtitles

some the songs and musics are so audible however you do not understand what is saying.

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