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Finding active people to be friends with

I've had a few people friend me and I friended them back. Before that my mother was my only friend and she stuck around for about a day.

Now that I have active friends, I'm finding myself competing for most points earned this week and will probably feel the same about most points earned this month when I start to catch up.

Now I'm wondering, does anyone want to go head to head? I warn you, I don't have anything to do till I start uni in October! :-)

August 23, 2013



bring it on!


Hi People. New to this .


That's exactly why I started following people who seemed decent enough in discussions, were around my level and were doing approximately the same amount of exercises per week.

I was also inclined to say I'd go head to head, but then I saw you went "crazy" and got an insane amout of coins today, and unlike you, I have some exams coming up :/.

Then again ... The weekend will reset soon enough, so get ready :P.


I'll be waiting. :-P

But yeah, I'll probably be slower when uni kicks in, and exams are probably more important. :-)


You have to get translating:) I was shocked to see I earned 500 points the other day on a slow day in work... I don't study the same languages tho?


It's a little bit scary, but I will. I suspect I'll end up doing it with a dictionary in one hand and Google in the other.

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