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  5. "The boy has the most toys."

"The boy has the most toys."

Translation:Drengen har mest legetøj.

March 5, 2015



How about "drengen had fest legetøj"? I have a sense it is not right but do not know why.


I suppose you mean "flest" instead of "fest" :)

"Legetøj" just like "tøj" is an uncountable noun and the word 'flest' cannot be used with those. You must use "mest". However, one could say "Drengen har flest stykker legetøj" (lit. "The boy has the most pieces of toys") because 'stykker' is countable :)


How are toys uncountable? I mean, you can count each toy in a bunch of toys, no?


Got it. So confusing. I just had another instance where I made what seems to have been the opposite mistake. It is right that it must be "Jeg har de fleste spørgsmål."


"Jeg har flest spørgsmål" would be the best way to say it, if you're comparing to someone else. If you say "jeg har de fleste spørgsmål" it would sound more like "I have most of the questions (but not all that I need to have)". I hope the difference is clear :)

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