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"Hun fødte en lille dreng i går."

Translation:She gave birth to a little boy yesterday.

March 5, 2015



"She birthed a little boy" is correct english, albeit unusual. Still, it should be accepted.


I agree. I am a physician and I used the term "birthed" quite often. It is reasonable in my opinion, though obviously "g ave birth to" is also correct.


I wanted to use "She bore ..." to no avail. Duolingo, if you do not fix these things, why would I pay for Plus?


I almost put "she was born a little boy yesterday"


What's the difference between fødte and født, in terms of how you use them?


Give A birth - isn't the sentence missing "a" in English?


Why is »She has born a little boy yesterday« not correct?


Because that's quite an archaic dialectic form, but if you want to use it, use "borne" as in "She has borne a little..."


You just say .. She had a boy/ girl and its understood she gave birth to a baby. To say she gave birth to sounds odd actually. (American english). You could also say . she was blessed with If you're maybe a little religious . animals have litters . they also dont have births. But you will hear the term birthing more often in a veterinairy clinic than in a maternity ward.


I think the English translation should be, She had a little boy yesterday. Having\Had a child means to be or become a parent. It just too long to use Gave Birth to. English has no Specific Verb for describing Woman giving birth.
Some laungages do have, for instance Hebrew, ''Laledet'' a Single verb for describing this action.

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