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"Nós mentimos para ele e o machucamos."

Translation:We lie to him and we hurt him.

August 23, 2013

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it is inaccurate to say: "we lie him and hurt him" .. English is not my native language and I having more problems with English responses than Portuguese r.


As an English speaker I would say it should be "We lie to him and hurt him". Imagine my delight when I answered using this sentence and lost a heart :-) I have asked for it to be accepted though.


I'm with you Davu, I've just been told it has to be "we lied to him and hurt him" but since the past simple in Portuguese when "we" is the subject is the same as the present conjugation and "hurt" is the present and past of that word in English, I think either tenses should be correct as long as they agree.


Also I don't think the past tense has been introduced yet.


I am in the same boat as jackit and Davu.


Thanks, Davu! It's what I wrote too, and it was accepted. =)


I just want to confirm 'o' means 'him' in this sentence


If "Nós mentimos para" is "we lie to him" How would you say "we lie FOR him"?


Is "lied for him" acceptable in this case?


Wasn't sure about 'para ele e o' so I ran it here http://context.reverso.net/translation/portuguese-english/para+ele+e+o.

Lawl, it's the third one down!


Why is "Nós mentimos para ele e nós o machucamos" not accepted.

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