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Idea Pitch for Tree: German from Danish

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So I finished my Danish tree not too long ago (about a week and a half ago), and I was thinking about possibly learning another language. I somehow decided on German. However, I was going through comments in the Danish tree, and I read someone's comment (this isn't the full comment): "This is why I'm looking forward to the day where I can learn German via Danish, instead of going through English first." And I've decided that would be a great idea to just leave out the middle man of English.

Would there be any Danes who know German well enough or any Germans who possibly know any Danish to consider making a German from Danish tree?

That person who posted the comment and I can't be the only ones who think learning German would be a good idea. And think of all those people who know Danish that would like to brush up on their German.

Is this a good idea or no?

March 5, 2015



There should be plenty of people who can make this course. There is a sizable ethnic Danish minority in Northern Germany, who are fluent in both languages - my younger brother went to a Danish community school in Germany. There's also a (somewhat smaller) German minority in Southern Denmark.

I'm more in doubt about demand for this course. Denmark is a small country, which in itself limits the potential number of users. Furthermore, most Danes who wish to learn German would already be quite proficient in English, so "cutting out the middle man" might be nice, but not essential for most Danes. I am a native Danish speaker currently learning German from English, and not even sure I would use the German from Danish course if it was available. With much fewer users it would not have as good comments and probably fewer users reporting errors and thereby improving the course.

Where I could see it having some real value was if it was taken up by the Danish school system, where most kids start learning German in 7th grade before they might be fully fluent in English.


Oh and congratulations on finishing your tree :)

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Well I for one would use such a course. I am a native English speaker but have learned Danish for many years. I have only just started to learn a little German.

The first reason is that Danish and German are more closely related than are English and German and it is easier to translate between more closely related languages. I am struck by how much vocabulary is the same or very similar in German and Danish. Further German grammar is sometimes like Danish but sometimes is different yet is still more similar to Danish than English. A course which taught German from Danish could probably leverage the learner's knowledge of Danish to quickly learn the things are similar between both languages and also reinforce the many differences. I think it would be more efficient to learn German in such a course.

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