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"My bed sheet is blue with elephants on."

Translation:Mit sengetøj er blåt med elefanter på.

March 6, 2015



In English we would say, ''With elephants on it''. Is the 'it' just implied here or would it be okay to say ''med elefanter på det''.


"With elephants on" is a dialectal variant in English, so "with elephants on it" should be the default sentence, although both are correct. I'm pretty sure that the structure in English is actually due to Scandinavian influence. The phrase "med elefanter på" is fine in Danish!


March 27, 2019 As NormaGarci819221 posted below: " My bedsheets are blue with elephants." is the best American English translation.


I am very English and I might use the sentence with or without a final 'it'.


Best translation. " My bedsheets are blue with elephants."


Generally I don't know when I have to say et or en, mit or min?

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