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"No momento, ela tem um chapéu."

Translation:At the moment, she has a hat.

March 6, 2015



Why is "in the moment" not accepted?? :[ aren't they basically saying the same thing or is it put differently in portuguese for in the moment?


To me, "in the moment" means that my attention is fully concentrated in what is going on. "At the moment" means "now" (but probably not for long).


Is "In the moment" really wrong?


"In a moment" is not correct? How would i say "in a moment" then?


I (unthinkingly) wrote: At the moment, she wears a hat, which I can see could well be different from having at hat. Does the Portuguese sentence mean:

At the moment, ... a. she wears a hat b. she owns a hat (but may not be wearing it right now) c. she holds a hat (eg) in her hand


Probably the option "b".


Thanks, Paulenrique! I should have trusted the Owl to always offer the least likely and least useful option :-)

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