Why is 'Yo te veo el lunes' wrong and 'Yo la veo el lunes' all right for 'See you on Monday'?

May 10, 2012


:[ so your telling me la means the? it still doesn't make sense to me because yo means me and la means the so this sentence doesn't really make sense???

ok nvrm i understand now

"Te veo" means "I see you". "La veo" means "I see her". "See you on Monday" (as "we will meet on Monday") can be translated as "Te veré el lunes" (future) if that is the intention. I hope this helps!

L'utilisation est la même que celle en anglais ou en français (je pense). "Rendez-vous lundi" - "Te veo el lunes" - "See you on Monday". C'est le même présent que futur dans ce contexte. Désolé pour mon mauvais français.

what does hola mean

it means "hi" obviously but you can also say other things other than "hola" you can say "buenos dias- good morning " "buenas noches-good night" or "buenas tardes-good afternoon " i hope this helped even tho your comment was like 2 years ago and you will prob not see this comment but hope this help!

wish you a good weekend people

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    You can certainly use "la", but then it refers to a lady whom you adress with usted. And also, in many countries they use "usted"in stead of "tu". So, depending on the context, it is correct

    Duolingo uses Mexican Spanish, where "tu"is not used…. and sometimes certain answers that are right are therefore not accepted..

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