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  5. "Man må ikke glemme hyggen."

"Man ikke glemme hyggen."

Translation:One must not forget the coziness.

March 6, 2015



Interesting word. According to the website below, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.




or rather, "keep calm and hyg", where hyg is the imperative of the verb "at hygge"!


Would hygge be the Danish equivalent of German's gemütlich?

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And Dutch gezellig?


And Swedish Fika! :D


Well, "fika" implies coffee but they have a certain overlap. "Hygge" often implies "øl".


Oh, wow! I did not know that! Very interesting.


Fika was a codename for coffee when it was prohibited (18th century, I think). It is an approximate anagram of "kaffe". Of course coffee was and still is extremely important to Swedes with many people drinking six cups a day or more (only Finns drink more coffee in the world).


Mutta Suomessa harvemmin fiikataan enää. Yleensä käydään kahvilla tai kahvitellaan.


Beware of asking for this in Italy, you will find girls slapping you and calling you a pervert XD


I think it would be the equivalent of "Gemüt". "Gemütlich" would be "hyggelig".


The German equivalent is Gemütlichkeit (it is the noun to the adjective gemütlich), while Gemüt means mind or temper. Gemüt sounds a little outdated though, at least to me.


Hygge! I think like every Dane, when I hear this word it just brings a smile to my face :D


Writing in April 17, hygge is pretty well understood as a concept here in the UK. I'd suggest it's one of the words best not translated, having read lots of articles gently arguing over the best English definition... ☺


Yes, my danish other half says it has close minded overtones. One doesn't hygge with non danes or people who are not your 'type'!


I agree. In terms of meaning hygge encompasses coziness yes but other things too. I have always thought of it as a word that has no direct, simple translation ("Danglish" person talking!)


I would have left out the 'the', except for very particular situation, usually modified—the coziness of the party.


This is my favorite sentence so far, while learning Dansk on Duo lingo!


Interesting, I searched all through internet and hygge doesn't have a translation. Here they put it as coziness, but hygge is much more than that. It is also a verb (let's hygge with candles!)


as far as I know the only direct translation of this word is the dutch word 'gezellig', there is no real english translation. they are indeed equivalent to each other. there is words in other language that are sorta close or partly capture the meaning, like the german gemütlich and the english cosy. but it just does not capture the entire concept.

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