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Words and Immersion tabs

Does anybody know why can't I see the "Words" tab in Danish? Also "Immersion" is not there. Is it because it's still in beta phase?

Spanish is my first language and despite I can also speak German, learning Danish has turned out to be quite challenging. It's true that I'm not investing a lot of time or effort in it, but for some reason it's being really hard to remember the vocabulary. I usually never use this Duolingo feature, but in this language I really miss it!

Will it be available soon?

Thanks in advance.

PS: the contributors of this course are awesome!!

March 6, 2015

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If you open a language with the words tab, open duo in a new browser tab, and change the language in the second tab to Danish, then when you click on the words tab in the first browser tab, it will open in Danish. There will be some "words" like <*sfk> in the list, but they won't show up when you do the flashcards, only the real words.

I don't know why Danish doesn't properly have this feature, but I suspect it's because the Danish course is relatively new. I'm eagerly awaiting the translation section!

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