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  5. "Esto mejora cada minuto."

"Esto mejora cada minuto."

Translation:This gets better every minute.

August 24, 2013



could "mejorar" also be used as a transitive verb, in a sense that it makes every minute better, or i got that wrong?


Same question, I translated this as if it was transitive.


Is "cada minuto" any different from "todos los minutos" ? and could "todo minuto" be used. Just wondering since there were some cases of singular things translating in a plural sense. From looking on wordreference it seems they (cada,todo/a and todos/as los/las) are somewhat interchangeable but with cada generally having more of an emphasis on repetition.


I often want to use a different word to test my ability. Here I wanted to write: "This improves every minute" instead of "This gets better every minute" ... but I don't because I want to earn my lingot. Before lingots I would try out my alternatives to see if it was accepted, and didn't worry if it didn't, since I had nothing to lose. So in the end, ingots motivate me, but they don't actually help me.

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