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  5. "Hvad er det modsatte?"

"Hvad er det modsatte?"

Translation:What is the opposite?

March 6, 2015



Why is 'what is it opposite?' not right? How do you know 'det' here means 'the' and not 'it'?


To me, it's about what makes grammatical sense. Here it might makensemse to say "what is it's opposite?" But it makes better sense to say " what is the opposite?"


I agree. Say we were talking about the library and I was asking where it is in a town I knew, I might ask where it was in relation to other places. So I could ask 'What is it opposite?' and you might tell me it was opposite the town hall.


Modsat is an adjective, not a noun. So I don't think you can say "modsattet".


I need an example, please, or more context to understand the point of this sentence. It doesn't make much sense to me now...


With Danish i am having a hard time remembering when to use words ending with t or e or (when comparing it to english) when to remove the e, eg; bekvem, bekvemme or bekvemt. i thought i had discovered a rule that when talking about something as an it (using det) then it follows that you should use the word that ends in t (bekvemt) and so on with the e (bekvemme) for plural because the plural (de) has an e. But this one throws that off. Why is it modsatte (with an e) and how on earth can i remember which to use when?


Can you also say "Hvad er modsattet"?


well, i must say that. in danish course here on Duolingo, the phrases given in the examples are way too simple and elementary. filling sentences with more detail would make memorizing a bit easier.


"Det er en god sprøgsmål."


the opposite is not an adjective in this sentence


This sentence is rather confusing. "modsat" is an adjective meaning "opposite" as in the "opposite side" and "det modsatte" is a nominalized adjective.

This is just my guess.

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