"Nobody can know everything."

Translation:Ingen kan kunna allt.

March 6, 2015

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There is a difference between KUNNA (Jag kan) and VETA (Jag vet). KUNNA is what you are able to do, and VETA is what you know. For example: I know how old you are (jag VET hur gammal du är). I know how to drive a car ( Jag KAN köra bil). So you can not replace it. But you can say "ingen kan veta allt " if that is what you mean.


I am confused then as to why kunna is accepted here.


veta allt is unambiguously to 'know' everything as in knowing the facts.
But kunna isn't only used for skills. It's also used for knowing things like languages or words. Det är bra att kunna många ord ('It's good to know many words') is an example from the course. (and you can't use veta there). And in general expressions it's possible to say either veta mycket om X or kunna mycket om X without much difference in meaning. Eg. Hon kan mycket om datorer vs Hon vet mycket om datorer.
So kunna allt here is ambiguous – we really don't know if it includes theoretical knowledge, hands-on know-how, or both.


Ok thanks I understand now!


Would it be the same if we replace 'ingen kan KUNNA allt" with "ingen kan VETA allt"?


I put the exact right answers (as per the correct answer that was prompted the last time I got it wrong). But there is definitely a problem here.


Must be a bug then. I know it happens occasionally that you enter the exact correct answer and it's still not accepted. It's very annoying, but nothing we can affect in the admin interface. :(


Ingen kan veta allt Ingen kan allt


The former is accepted. The second isn't a translation of the phrase, though.


I think it is how a swede would actually say it. It is like removing the "att" in many sentences - it shortens it but does not change the actual meaning as a whole. I agree that it is not a complete sentence and that it is not a complete translation of the phrase.

Jag tror det är hur någon från Sverige skulle säga det. Det liknar hur vi brukar ta bort "att" i våra meningar när vi pratar utan att ändra meningens betydelse som helhet. Jag håller med dom att meningen inte är fullständigt och att översättningen av frasen inte blir helt korrekt.


But they're two different things:

  • ingen kan allt
  • ingen kan kunna allt

The first says that nobody knows everything. The second says that nobody has the ability to know (i.e. to learn) everything. Sure the end result is the same in practice but they do have different meaning.


Google translate prefers: Ingen kan veta allt.

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